Default Constructor is mainly a repository of links to great resources about programming, development, technology and anything else (mostly tech-)related, with an occasional post on what I’m up to.

There is so much good info available I thought this would be a decent way to keep track of a few things.

The name of this blog, Default Constructor, is a term used in object-oriented programming (OOP).

In OOP, objects are also known as classes. In the C# programming language (c-sharp, like in music), every class (or object) has a constructor which, coincidentally, builds, or sets up the parts of the object that are required for its proper functioning.

If a constructor is not defined by the programmer, one is created automatically and it’s known as the default constructor.

The sub-title of this blog (public WebLog()) is what the first line of code of a basic class, or object, might look like, in C#.

The object about to be constructed is a WebLog.


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